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Recent Reads have migrated to Tumblr!

tumblrLet’s face facts, shall we? I love to read. I wouldn’t be in this business if I didn’t! But over time, I have found myself censoring my online opinions of books I’ve read for pleasure. Why? Well, in all honesty, I wouldn’t want my negative opinion of a book to impact any of my authors, or my agency as a whole. I never set out to write any negative reviews, but once upon a time I was less than effusive with praise on a published author’s book, and if affected a client’s ability to reach out to that author via another route for a blurb. I wouldn’t want that to happen again. Last year, I started tracking books I’d read on Goodreads, but I never put ratings or reviews, only use the site to note when I finish a title. But I wanted a little bit more. So now, if you go to my ktliterary Tumblr site, (not to be confused by my shoe pic Tumblr, or my personal one) you’ll find quotes from my latest reads, and I look forward to continuing to do that moving forward!

What are some of your favorite book quotes?

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