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Nine Ladies DancingDaphne answered me (well, “me” if you’re Sharla):

Is there a book genre comparable to TV’s “dramedy” genre? That is truly what my book is, and I’m having trouble molding it into rom/com, or rom/susp. From what I’m told, romantic comedy is more a goofy fluffy type like chick lit, and mine is funny and quirky but has a more grounded real life voice. Thoughts??

I think I’d look to writers like Jodi Picoult and aim for commercial women’s fiction. It’s a kind of loose genre, in that there’s room for lots of different styles of books, and it’s not real specific in name, but I would think it’s the best to cover what you’re writing. On the plus side, it’s often considered a little more mainstream than romantic comedy, which does sometimes have that “fluffy” connotation.

Readers, what other authors would you consider are working in “dramedy?”