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Query Status Update

As of 4:43 pm Mountain time on November 8th, I have read and responded to all queries sent to me that followed my submission guidelines. If you queried me and have not yet received a response, please check your spam filter, and if you still haven’t heard from me, feel free to resend your query. As a reminder — I’m currently only looking for YA and MG fiction, not picture books, not adult novels, not nonfiction.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I’m hearing from a number of people whose emails I didn’t receive. Something’s going weird, and I hope you can help me sort it out. If you sent a query email previously, and did not receive a response, can you let me know in the comments when you sent it, and what email service you used? I’m trying to figure out if there’s any correlation between the emails that haven’t gone through.

NEW UPDATE! If you sent a query prior to November 8th and did not receive a response, please resend it to (and cc. I’m working on a filter that will respond to all queries received to confirm receipt.

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