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What I Said This Week on Twitter

  • RT @Jennifer_Reck: My son passed up TV tonight so he could read his new @matthew_cody book. Great #ya authors rock! #
  • Still taking your questions on my Ask Daphne! Lightning Round post: #
  • For those following my sewing adventures, got the whole body of Trixie's costume pieced together. Now I start mixing patterns, though. #
  • And making my own adjustments to the pattern. Beyond that, I need to make sure it fits the girl! #
  • Sunday morning slippers in the playroom! #
  • My little bike rider. #
  • This happened to me, but with clothes: My Boss Told Me My Hair and Makeup Were Holding Me Back – @Jezebel #
  • RT @yalsa: Congrats to @ransomriggs for making this year's Teens' Top Ten list! #TRW12 @quirkbooks #
  • RT @SaraMegibow: Great #pubtip I heard at meetings in NYC = authors attending conferences to network with other authors is a great use o … #
  • To Whom It May Concern: every single invitation I receive to connect on LinkedIn gets marked as spam. Every. Single. One. #
  • Just found this little guy sitting on my front patio. #
  • As an amateur photog, I like this reaction blog better than the original article: #
  • This is a million different kinds of awesome: Sound of Cylons: #
  • Not only is this awesome news, but the celebratory gifs in the comments rock! Tina Fey & Amy Poehler to Host the Globes #
  • Very proud of my handiwork on Trixie's costume so far! #
  • Need more grommets to finish the sleeves, though. And more leather lacing. #
  • These are my new favorite sewing tools, though. #
  • I thought about getting caught up on Twitter, but then I realized that meant scrolling back 18 hours or so. Nope. #
  • Jake is the proud (not) new owner of a cone of shame. #
  • Hodgins just showed up on my #Angelrewatch #Bones #
  • Now available!! Talking Pictures:@RansomRiggs' vernacular photo book – Boing Boing via @BoingBoing #
  • Fellow agents: anyone rep memoir, inspirational and/or creative nonfiction wants an invite to beautiful Colorado in April 2013? #
  • Foots-a-popping': The Musical. “@maureenjohnson: Name one bad idea I've ever had.” #
  • So close to finished on Trixie's Halloween costume. Just sewing the last bits tonight, and tomorrow I pick up more eyelets for lacing. #
  • Happiness (imported from the UK) in my local supermarket! #
  • Continuing my #AngelRewatch and they just connected Wolfram & Hart to the worlds of Buckaroo Banzai and Alien. Awesome. #
  • Grandma has safely arrived in Colorado, been fed (twice), taken shopping, and is now in the process of reading a second child to sleep. #

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