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What I Said This Week on Twitter

  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post:… #
  • Not even 10am, and the destruction the boy has wrought is epic. #
  • Beau lines up his apples before he eats them. #
  • Earlier, we went for a walk to the park, cuz it was GORGEOUS! #
  • Going to bookclub brunch in a few minutes. Special guest this month: the author @doycet! #
  • Bike riding with Daddy! #
  • Sunday at the park with Kate! #
  • I have made all the phone calls and sent all the emails. Or so it seems. And somewhere in there, I seem to have missed lunch. #
  • I have almost survived chaperoning a field trip to the Butterfly Pavilion. Just need to make it back to school. #
  • Gorgeous fall day in Colorado. #
  • Beau found Daddy's glasses. #nerdlove #
  • Today is all about royalty statements. Hello, October! #
  • #Angel rewatch: love the demon Skip. LOVE. #
  • I sometimes worry that there's something wrong with me: I get so angry sometimes. Is that just part of being a parent? #
  • Goodbye, Twitter. J don't have any interest in seeing a single word about the debates. #
  • *I*, that is. #
  • True dat. RT @BostonBookGirl: Look in theory #NewAdult isn't a bad idea. In practice, there is no commercially viable new adult market. #
  • Cool, crisp October morning, and @doycet fixed the doorknob on the garage side door. Huzzah!! #
  • Saw #Looper this afternoon with @doycet. Lucky to have my partner there to watch with me the parts that were hard on this momma! But good! #
  • Snow! It snowed! #
  • Just a light dusting. #
  • Traditional Colorado picture of fall flowers with snow on them: #
  • A really interesting read: What Women Want (In Female Video Game Protagonists) (Via @The_MarySue) #
  • Summer Glau ballet dancing on my #Angelrewatch Early Joss love for River. #
  • Also, Seaon Three with Connor, and all the stuff that puts children in danger? Very hard to rewatch. #AngelRewatch #mommabear #
  • The plus side of all these royalty statements in getting through lots of episodes in my #Angelrewatch while I input all the numbers. #
  • God, this is killing me. I know what Wesley is doing, and it's going to break my heart. #Angelrewatch #mommabear #
  • Seriously, between #Looper and rewatching the 3rd season of #Angel I need some serious hug time with my boy. #
  • #Pubtip to writers: if you're going to note in a query the authors you particularly admire, you MIGHT want to spell their names correctly. #
  • Yay for social interaction w/ YA authors & bloggers! @susan_adrian @katiesbookblog @courtneykoschel @Emily_YA @bookandlatte @sarahockler #
  • My query inbox is full tonight of dual narrators and alternating POVs. #

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