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SUPER Audio Review!

Great news for Matthew Cody! But first, a little backstory. Before he became an author, Matt studied theatre and trained as an actor. Which means he had the chops to do the audio recording of his own book, which is just what happened with Super! And now, the praise is pouring in, like this review from Audiofile:

Danny Corrigan is a boy who apparently does not have any superpowers, but he still is part of a club called “The Supers of Noble Green.” In SUPER, the follow-up to POWERLESS, about the super kids of this small town, Danny learns he does have a power: to borrow powers from others. Matthew Cody took a chance performing his own novel, but he quickly proves up to the challenge. From the fat bully with the power of super-stench to the slithering evil of the elderly Shroud, Cody brings all the characters to vivid life. His impression of a 6-year-old girl is a delight, and the speech patterns throughout fit the characters perfectly. Anyone who misses Harry Potter would feel right at home with Cody’s super books.

Woohoo! Out of curiosity, do you listen to audiobooks? And if so, when? I love them for long car trips, but I find I only like to listen to books I’ve already read. And I know some people love them for while they’re doing housework for mindless chores. What about you?

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