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Ask Daphne! Lightning Round!

I asked for questions on Twitter for today’s post, and after answering several short ones in seeking a nice long one, I decided it’d be more fun to put ’em all together for a lightning round! Ready? Go!

From J.C. Gregorio, “How do you feel about someone you’ve sent an R w/feedback to, responding with a quick thank you note?” I’m always happy to get thank you notes!

From Stephanie McGee, “Is it wiser to set up a small business for your writing after book deal?” I would definitely advise talking to an accountant about that, but most of my clients have not.

Client Susan Adrian asks, “Did you ever talk about being an agent in Denver vs. NY? I know ppl ask me about that…” Email, phone, internet, twitter — we’re all so connected no matter where we live! Honestly, I keep in better contact with editors now than I ever did when I lived in NYC. Plus I travel regularly for meetings and conferences, so I do get that face-to-face contact regularly.

From a Facebook friend, “I go to conferences, network with published writers, and sometimes they’ll agree to blurb if I publish. Do I mention that I already have possible blurbs when I query, even if those blurbs aren’t from clients represented by the agent I’m querying?” For me, usually not, unless they’re a huge author that I would definitely know. Otherwise, I think you’re just taking up space in your query that could be better used to tell me more about your book.

A couple more from last Sunday’s Twitter #sundaypubchat, from gryffinraven, “Do you ask for any input from the writer about which editors they want to submit to?” Absolutely. They’ve often made contacts I want to know about, whether it’s at a conference, through a previous submission, or via social media.

From Julie Falatko, “In query bio, do I say I’m in a critique group?” For me, only if you’re in a group with one of my authors. Otherwise, I kind of assume you are.

From Kristen Brakeman, “Agent asked for full manuscript in July. I just checked in with him late Sept. – no response. Do I assume a NO?” I never assume a no. I keep following up.

Have more questions? Throw ’em in the comments and I will answer all weekend.

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