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September 29th, 2012 • Kate
  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post:… http://t.co/8sFKxD9v #
  • My auto tweets of my new blog posts of my compiled tweets of the week seem to lend themselves to a lot of repetition. Sorry about that! #
  • In other news, three partial critiques this morning, then two panels, lunch, more critiques, one more panel, then party! #rmscbwi #
  • Phew. Made it through my critiques without making any writers cry. #rmscbwi #
  • Great day at the #rmscbwi con! Thanks for inviting me! And great to spend quality time with the legendary @molly_oneill! #
  • My little towheaded boy is a few hairs shorter tonight, thanks to his big sister's hairdressing "skills". http://t.co/LdqwT2W7 #
  • Best dad EVER: Father and son send toy train into the stratosphere http://t.co/NNthwi7m #
  • Took the little boy for a proper haircut today after Trixie's efforts yesterday. http://t.co/uMFfSAp1 #
  • Reading @fuggirls and @katelinnea's live tweets of the #emmys #
  • Seriously, Tyrion Lannister is just adding this to the list of things he will get his revenge for soon. #cantwait #Emmys #
  • Woooohooooo! And Jonathan wins an #Emmy Talk about a Superstar! #Emmys #
  • Guys, there is so much good news coming on the blog, I don't know if I can stand it. Stay tuned!! #
  • New Blog Post: REECE is blurb-a-riffic!: The whole art of asking for blurbs for a debut novel is a tricky, trick… http://t.co/7UWrSVMi #
  • Head over to Random Buzzers to check out @matthew_cody blogging about Superman vs Batman: http://t.co/B0s3XScb! #
  • I think I'm actually hungry. It's been days. This feels like #progress #
  • Watching the Britney 2.0 episode of #Glee So far, don't know a single song. Or care. #
  • I love fall. I hate fall colds, aches, and chills. #
  • New Blog Post: “Bad Yeti, no! Hedgehogs are not combs.”: If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ve likely a… http://t.co/eSaDni4N #
  • Hooray!! RT @matthew_cody: Happy Book Birthday to me! SUPER is in stores today! It's flying off the shelves! (get it?) #
  • My little boy is 20 months old today! How time flies! #
  • New Blog Post: Totally SUPER!: It’s a SUPER day around here, as we celebrate the book birthday of Super, the seq… http://t.co/aBIU9n11 #
  • Twenty months old! http://t.co/li6sAbKQ #
  • New Blog Post: And speaking of BAD HAIR DAY…: The first review is in, from Kirkus! Kate Grable can’t catch a bre… http://t.co/EWOnLWEC #
  • Doing an online course in delivery emergency oxygen for my sideline job as a Nia instructor at the Y. Thrilling! #
  • RT @HarperVoyagerUS: Denver/Boulder friends, @doycet is reading tonight @boulderbooks! Stop by and check it out: http://t.co/ICiQyogX #
  • Ugh. This online course is super buggy and keeps crashing on me. #
  • That's a lot of rain. #
  • Yuppers. RT @HonestToddler: So if you want cake for breakfast it's called muffin. Lol adults, I see what you did there. #
  • New Blog Post: Ask Daphne! About Grammar: Another question from my readers! Today, Michelle writes: It seems tha… http://t.co/AFtnSzaS #
  • Wheee! Tornado warning! #
  • Worth a look! MT @KristaVanDolzer: In case you missed them yesterday, I posted a few candid thoughts about #queries http://t.co/cnmptEe9 #
  • Still on my #Angel rewatch. Lindsay has an evil hand! #
  • #Angel rewatch: "Handsome man saved me from the monsters." I quote this almost daily. #
  • *sings* It's time to get the boy, it's time to get the boy, it's time to get the boy the boy the boy the boy the boy!! #
  • Hey @timlwhite and @Kim_Stone! Did we set a time for gaming tomorrow? @doycet #

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