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What I Said This Week on Twitter

  • New Blog Post: What I Said This Week on Twitter: New Blog Post: Helpful query tips!: I talk a lot about the good… http://t.co/9JSDfXRp #
  • Watching my shows. http://t.co/ekvZPsVK #
  • Going to the Roller Derby tonight! #
  • Derby time! http://t.co/YhUlrjcS #
  • If you did roller derby, what would your derby name be? #askDRD #
  • Daphne Unbeatsable? #
  • First bout tonight: the Green Barrettes killed. http://t.co/9vC942L2 #
  • Next bout: Bad Apples vs. Shotgun Betties. #
  • With @Alyssin at the derby! http://t.co/uXtfOaTb #
  • You're kidding me, Restoration Hardware. Again? (Soda can for scale) http://t.co/Nt09HAy7 #
  • Today is all about finalizing my Frankfurt Rights List. And also cookies. #
  • I gave Beau's teachers the ok to put his hair in pigtails. Daddy was not amused. http://t.co/2pEryIxB #
  • Watched the premiere of #Revolution the other day, and I must say: a crossbow? Really? You get one good shot, and then you're screwed. #
  • I'm ready to be done with the detox symptoms from cutting down on caffeine now, please. #shakes #headaches #nausea #
  • On to Season Two of my #AngelRewatch now starring LORNE!!! #
  • It has been suggested that I may not just be detoxing from caffeine, but may actually be sick. #wouldexplainalot #
  • Oh dear God, that's where I know Michael Fassbender from! Hex! #
  • Including @doycet! RT @suvudu: MIND MELD: Where is Urban Fantasy Headed? Multiple Authors Chime In http://t.co/5BIBtiut @SFSignal #
  • Great post! RT @literaticat: Want to know more about how I create editor submission lists? This old post might help: http://t.co/AXWAV8eM #
  • Stepping away from the computer for a bit to get some reading done, & finalize my critiques for the Rocky Mountain SCBWI con this weekend. #
  • Congrats, Kathy! “@PWKidsBookshelf: Kathy Dawson has been given her own imprint at Penguin Young Readers Group http://t.co/KpX3pSWH” #
  • I'm sick. #blerg http://t.co/mDCwNHzX #
  • Helping a photographer friend wrangle light this morning for a shoot! #
  • Uh, all of them? "Teen Reads Better Than 'Fifty Shades'": http://t.co/5KfdyFYC #
  • Hey @maureenjohnson — or should I say, Maureen Johnsonova? — Czech it out! http://t.co/xWy24Ob2 #
  • Actually feeling up to having lunch for the first time in days. Progress! #
  • Someone I follow was JUST tweeting about the frequency of the phrase "letting out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding". Who? #
  • Lovely cocktail party tonight with the organizers and other speakers for this weekend's Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference. #

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