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What I Said This Week on Twitter

  • New Blog Post: Helpful query tips!: I talk a lot about the good stuff to do when you’re writing a query — how to… #
  • Capresi salad! #
  • Nerding out with @doycet, @Kim_Stone, and @timlwhite. #dragonAge #ihazapuppy #
  • Slept in, but I still have a headache. I think some weather's coming. #
  • Today's temp #tattoo gives me wings! #
  • Not even for #teamcandycorn #
  • I'm watching football! On that note: nice interception for a touchdown, Denver! #goBroncos #
  • Seriously? Just got a phone call, "Hi I was wondering what you do?" #
  • My little lion tamer. #
  • Crying gives me a headache. #fuckcancer #
  • I'm a grown-up; I'm allowed to skip dinner and just have ice cream, right? #
  • New Blog Post: REECE is rolling in it!: “It” being blurbs, that is! Like this one from CK Kelly Martin, author o… #
  • Did you know you can follow all of my clients in one easy step? #
  • Been AFK most of the day for funeral services, and I'm not up to getting caught up tonight. Maybe 9/11 was the best day ever to be offline. #
  • Didn't have any caffeine yesterday til after 5pm. Seems like I should take advantage of already going through withdrawl and try to cut down. #
  • This may be my favorite @fuggirls slideshow EVAH: New York Fugshion Week Fug Report: Crop Tops #
  • Agh. Ark. Ugh. Headache. Maybe just a little more caffeine to get me through the day. #weeningmyselfoffslowly #
  • I have not forsaken you, my little shoe tumblr. Enjoy. (via @fuggirls) #
  • Agh. Please. RT @ColleenLindsay: Does your blog or website automatically play music on the landing page? DON'T DO THIS. #blogrules #
  • Kirk! I'm rewatching Angel while I work, and Kirk from Gilmore Girls just showed up as a demon! #
  • Want. #shoes #
  • Only had two cans of soda all day, and my head is still attached! #
  • A little funny for your Thursday morning: Baby Gangnam Style via @Momversation #
  • Volunteering for the @Ofa_co campaign! @BarackObama #
  • Caffeine update, day three: cuppa tea this morning, one soda at lunch. Headache level: bearable! #
  • Little man nomming on a pear. #
  • Lack of caffeine is making it more challenging to stay awake tonight. Already finished a client full & partial sub, and tv isn't appealing. #
  • And so, I think, to bed! Early, yes, but I have lots to do tomorrow, on hopefully even less caffeine! #
  • Sweet delicious milky tea, today's only caffeine. #
  • Also, I may regret this in a few hours, but for now, Happy Fall Friday: boots and tights! #
  • I think the picture with my previous post went wonky. Here it is again: boots & tights! #
  • Three Christmas presents down! Lots to go. #
  • And Kirk shows up AGAIN on Angel, in the first season episode "She", also guest starring Bai Ling. #
  • Because sometimes you need a gif of a dark brooding vampire dancing crazy. #
  • And now for the faint, nauseous, and headache-y portion of today's caffeine withdrawal. #
  • Previous tweet and the mindset that composed it may explain partly why I felt The Bourne Legacy was about a junkie trying to get clean. #

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