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September 8th, 2012 • Kate
  • It's September. How did THAT happen? #
  • trishisthinkingagain: If you have a kindle, SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL is only $1.99 at amazon. For that price,… http://t.co/cxWCHAHw #
  • Rory and Amy make me feel all the feelings. #DoctorWho #
  • In utterly unrelated news, still not king. #
  • Playing with pillows on the back deck on a Sunday morning. http://t.co/mSxHUBhq #
  • Reading… http://t.co/SXUVWty1 #
  • Driving up to Silverthorne this afternoon for a #Nia jam. Beautiful day to head into the mountains! #
  • I do believe it's just about time to watch The Asylum of the Daleks again… #DoctorWho #
  • Today's temp #tattoo some swag from @lainitaylor's Daughter of Smoke & Bone. http://t.co/4kiJbR8Q #
  • Lovely Labor Day BBQ with family and friends! Ate all the things. #
  • Business stuff: as promised, I will reopen to queries after midnight tonight, mountain time. That's in just over two hours. #
  • Though you should feel more than free to wait to send tomorrow. Or the next day. #
  • Hanging with Daddy at our Labor Day BBQ. http://t.co/nQYztLc0 #
  • Phases of a paper lantern. http://t.co/JjBHesGu #
  • *peers nervously at her reopened query inbox* #
  • In the mail today: 3 contracts, 2 checks, 1 royalty statement, 1 requested sub, and 2 spam query letters. #notbad #
  • Did you guys know the @maureenjohnson is going to be the keynote speaker at KidLitCon 2012?http://t.co/1OCjoSvd #
  • On my way to meet @sarahockler for lunch! #
  • Makes me want to spend $500 on the box set: All Eight Harry Potter Movies in Thirteen Minutes http://t.co/k30TRtfo via @The_MarySue #
  • And then I stabbed myself with a dagger. (Technically, it's my envelope-opener and staple-remover.) http://t.co/kCYfGWsC #
  • Going to sleep with the back patio door open to the sounds of crickets = happy. #
  • This is a GOOD plan. “@carrharr: In case of zombie attack, I HAVE A PLAN. http://t.co/nT3uJJ7Q” #
  • I succumbed. http://t.co/SDnGUgBF #
  • #TeamCandyCorn “@maureenjohnson: It's time we declared allegiances. Are you #TeamCandyCorn or #TeamCandyCornIsEvil I AM THE SECOND ONE." #
  • Lost a good friend this morning to cancer. Stupid effing disease. #fuckcancer #
  • Thank you all for your kind words today. I'm gonna go curl up with my sweeties, I think. #
  • *mutters something incomprehensible from a stack of royalty statements* #
  • EHMERGERD. WANT. http://t.co/viOzKwNX (via @carrharr) #
  • Right before he tossed two handles of pebbles at me. http://t.co/0MEJpuO7 #
  • Handfuls, that is. RT @DaphneUn: Right before he tossed two handles of pebbles at me. http://t.co/0MEJpuO7 #

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