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REECE is blurb-a-riffic!

The whole art of asking for blurbs for a debut novel is a tricky, tricky thing, but if an author is lucky, sometimes the perfect author will respond and say, Yes! I love this! I will tell the world! And sometimes, if you’re super lucky, more than one author will blurb a book. Well, Amy Spalding must have been stockpiling four-leaf clovers, because not only did she get an amazing blurb from Courtney Summers and C.K. Kelly Martin for The Reece Malcolm List, but she’s now also got blurbs to share from the incandescent Sara Zarr, the hilariously witty Fug Girls, and the wise and funny Miranda Kenneally. Voila!

“I loved getting lost in this world of drama nerdery, new friendships, prolonged kissing, and mysterious moms. The Reece Malcolm List is moving and funny; a terrifically satisfying read.”
–Sara Zarr, author of How to Save a Life

“Funny and poignant, this lively book totally charmed us.”
–Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, authors of Spoiled and Messy

“I really enjoyed The Reece Malcolm List. It isn’t often I come across books with just the right mix of humor and emotion. Amy Spalding has a knack for characterization and dialogue. I very much related to the main character, and I feel like lots of teen girls who are scared to trust others will open up after reading this book. Heartbreaking in the best way, this book is excellent YA contemporary.”
–Miranda Kenneally, author of Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker

Think that’s all? Not for REECE! The gorgeous and talented Miriam Shor, who starred in the original cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and played the role in the Kennedy Center Production of Merrily We Roll Along that Devan wins in The Reece Malcolm List, also had this to say about Amy’s novel:

“Brilliant! With The Reece Malcolm List, Amy Spalding takes you into the heart and mind of her musical-theater obsessed, fiercely intelligent, achingly funny heroine, Devan. And you will quite literally never want to leave. Ms. Spalding achieved a feat I never would have thought possible–she made me deeply miss being a teenager. Her love and enthusiasm for the theater are thoroughly contagious. Her understanding of the intricacies and heartaches within parent/teenager relationships is spot on. And her voice as a writer is unique, honest, and quite often flat-out hysterically funny. I laughed, I cried, it was way, WAY better than Cats! Brava Amy Spalding! I just wanted this show to go on and on…”

Better than Cats, y’all. Go pre-order your copies now.