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And speaking of BAD HAIR DAY…

The first review is in, from Kirkus!

Kate Grable can’t catch a break.

You’d think that a girl who’d invented a cure for the zombie virus less than a year ago would have earned the right to relax and enjoy her senior year, but there’s no rest for this self-professed “semi-reformed nerd” and celebrity. This campy, often laugh-out-loud-funny follow-up to Bad Taste in Boys (2011) finds Kate once again in the position of having to save her friends, her high school and her town from a big, hairy someone (or something) that is on a kid-killing spree. Sure, it would be nice to enjoy some quiet time with her adorable jock boyfriend, but it’s hard to ignore the bodies piling up in the morgue, where Kate is shadowing the town medical examiner as part of the Future Doctors of America program. When Dr. Burr is arrested for the murders and her best friend’s boyfriend becomes a target, Kate uses her supersmarts to crack the case. Readers will get a kick out of this book that reads like a Wes Craven movie. The plot may be a little far-fetched, but the ride is so much fun it doesn’t much matter.

When characters respond to the possibility of a werewolf preying on their town with lines like “You don’t understand.…I’m Team Edward!” what’s not to love? (Horror humor. 13 & up)

Congrats again to Carrie! You can preorder Bad Hair Day on IndieBound, Amazon, or B&N, or check with your local independent bookstore.

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