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Diversity in YA

Diversity CupcakesI’m repeating myself, but as I just posted on Twitter, there’s going to be a panel on Diversity in YA at LeakyCon. I’m moderating. And so I ask you, what shall we talk about? What are important questions to ask? Points to raise? Topics to discuss?

Please bear in mind, that I mean to include issues of diversity in race, sexual orientation, religious practices, and gender identification. Or as much as I can in an hour, with enough time left over for questions. And I would be remiss in my duties if we didn’t bring up the topic of whitewashing in cover design, as well as Cassie Clare’s recent amazing post about the casting of Magnus in the Mortal Instruments movie.

Please let the comments ring with your suggestions, thoughts, or any questions you would want to ask if you were in the audience at such a panel. I’m also inclined to ask the panelists about some of their favorite diverse characters in YA fiction, and so I’ll put the same question to you.

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