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Travis! *swoon*

Something Like NormalI’m so very pleased to celebrate the official release date of Something Like Normal by Trish Doller. What can I say about its protagonist Travis that others haven’t said already? Nothing, that’s what. Check out this love:

Travis is such a strong character with an even stronger voice that just leaps off the pages. Half the day I think I may run into him at the grocery store he’s so real. Harper is equally as strong, the perfect woman to take on Travis and all his issues. I loved their relationship together and how they slowly grow to trust each other and have this amazing give-and-take between them. Each secondary character is also done so well, making you love or hate them for very direct and dimensional reasons. Every person has their own unique and nuanced personality, no matter if it’s being discussed the entire book, three chapters, or half a page.1

You see, Travis is not your typical amazing guy. He has faults, plenty of them. Yet, you still fall for him. He’s not perfect in anyway! He’s understandably messed up from serving in Afghanistan, he’s lost a lot, and now he’s just trying to make it through the best way that he can.

I was sure that my heart was going to be completely broken by Trish Doller and Something Like Normal, but instead I was left with that happy little smile and sigh that I get at the end of an amazing book.2

Travis has his faults, but he is such a great narrator and it was quite a journey being in his head, living out his story with him. I got so lost in what he was going through–from his memories of Charlie (his dead best friend), his frustrations with his parents, his nightmares and triggers to the story with Harper. Speaking of, she is such a great girl. Their story from middle school is rough, and I hope that it can get across the message to others that it did for me. Lies of omission can still hurt, and labels that get put on you or because of you doesn’t go away as easily as one might think. But I am glad that they could overcome that because I love how their friendship progresses and what happens to them. Harper also lightened the mood a lot with her remarks. She added a whole other dimension though with how she rolled with the punches (and sometimes doled them out) and how she responded to Travis.3

I could go on. There are pages and pages of links to great reviews of Something Like Normal. I want everyone to read it, and fall in love with Travis and Harper the same way I have. So… let’s have a giveaway, shall we?

One hardcover copy of the book to a random commenter below — and I suppose I should add that, alas, clients and family of KT Literary are not eligible. Eveyone else is, though, so please, get to commenting. You wouldn’t want to break the heart of one of these guys, would you?

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2. My Neurotic Book Affair
3. Blkosiner’s Book Blog

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