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Let’s Talk About Blog Tours, Shall We?

This may seem repetitive for a moment, if you also follow Maureen Johnson on Tumblr, but bear with me, will ya? Thanks!

Two weeks ago during BEA, fellow lit agent Jennifer Laughran, aka @Literaticat, tweeted from a panel on marketing:

YA marketing panel: β€œdo blog tours & cover reveals!” My question: since EVERYONE does those, how is it not just noise? #bea12

Now, Maureen followed that up with a whole post on the subject, which many bloggers, including Bookshelves of Doom, responded to with wholehearted hallelujahs.

I went a slightly different direction, and it’s that train of thought I want to invite you to follow with me today.

Right after Jenn tweeted, and another agent agreed, I chimed in, “But what’s the alternative for those authors who can’t get a mention in Entertainment Weekly or on the Hollywood Crush blog?”

And that’s the question I want to pose to you this week. What ARE the options for the, let’s call it as it may be, midlist author who may not get sent on tour by her publisher, and isn’t going to get the exclusive cover reveal or interview on the big entertainment sites? Blog tours are popular because they are free for everyone involved, minus only the cost of a few review copies, and sometimes not even that. But do they work? If you’re an avid reader of a certain blog, does a guest post by an author make you check them out, or do you skip them, to hear more from the bloggers you came to the site to read? Or do you skip the sites that host blog tours regularly almost completely? What’s the middle ground? To reiterate Jenn’s question, is it all just noise?

I’d love to hear from you on the subject. If you’ve been a part of a blog tour, either as author or blogger, let me know if you want to respond in more detail in a guest post. Otherwise, feel free to let it all hang out in the comments.

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