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Where to Find Me! (Online Edition)

I realized over this weekend, while I chatted with a few of the awesome members of the Southern Utah/Idaho chapter of SCBWI, that there are like a million different ways to keep in touch with me. Ok, ok, fine, not quite a million, but a lot. And I thought it might help if I laid them all out, so you can pick and choose how you keep in touch with me, if that’s the kind of thing you want to do.

So, first of all, there’s this blog. Semi-regular posts, with the handy ability for threaded comments for our interaction.

You can also follow me on Twitter, which allows you a chance to see cute pictures of my kids and my thoughts on all sorts of things, not just publishing. I post there a lot.

If you’re a Facebook kind of person, please like my Daphne Unfeasible page. I often cross-post links to my blog entries there, as well as comments on industry and client news. (While I do also have a personal Facebook page that you might stumble upon, please note that I only accept friend requests from folks I have meet in person, work with regularly, and/or actively consider “friends”.)

Are you on GoodReads? Me too! But again, I only accept friend requests from clients and folks I know personally. And honestly I only use it to track what books I’ve read, not titles I’m looking forward to reading. And I don’t post reviews.

If you love pictures of shoes, check out my Tumblr. Not the most frequently updated thing, and probably the least to do with books.

I have a couple of other homes on the internet (like, 4 more), but those are my public, vaguely book-related ones. And I think that’s enough! What about you? How many homes do you have online?

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