What Are You Resolving To Do?

January 4th, 2012 • Kate

2011-year-resolutionWe talked yesterday about some things authors should STOP doing in 2012, but I’m curious — what are your New Year’s Resolutions? What do you want to START?

Whether or not they’re writing or publishing resolutions, I think there’s something powerful in sharing them, or talking about them publicly. Maybe it’s just that it’s harder to break them the more people know about them.

For me, I’m hoping to stay on top of my reading in a more timely fashion. It may be something that I promise every year, but that just keeps it in the forefront of my brain for another year — or at least the start of one. I want to better prioritize client reading, partials, and queries, and I think the way to do that might be to take a day every week and set it aside specifically for reading. That’s the plan at least.

What about you?

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13 Responses to “What Are You Resolving To Do?”

  1. Susan Adrian Says:

    Resolutions are tough for me, because there are always things I desperately WANT to happen that are out of my control.

    For the things I *can* control:
    –Write 2 books, so that at the end of 2012 I have at least one on sub and one other draft
    –Keep up with my reading and supporting other authors
    –Keep pressing forward with learning Russian
    –Spend as much time as possible with my family

    There. I hadn’t put that out there anywhere else publicly, but you’re right, it doesn’t hurt.

  2. wandering-dreamer Says:

    I'm joking that my new resolution should be to learn to cut hair since I'm terrible at it, not sure how often I'd have a chance to practice it though.

  3. Chelsey Says:

    Connecting more to people, reaching out online and in person. Also, keeping up the trend I started in 2011 of treating my writing like it's a job already, and working as hard on getting my work out there as I will once it gets picked up.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Seconding what Chelsey said. I am not very good at networking. I am outgoing and I enjoy being face-to-face with people, however, this is not the world we live in today. So I want to improve on this as I begin submissions soon. I plan to attend a conference this year.
    I also recently started my own bridal company, so I would like to outfit one wedding with all their accessories.
    All of these things requires networking. This year will be full of a lot of brain boggling for me!

  5. Shannon Says:

    Writing more reviews on Amazon. I’ve read a lot of things lately that were amazingly overhyped, and a lot that were completely underhyped. Reviews are especially important in the case of self-published books, so I’m going to try to be better about reviewing things as soon as I read them.

  6. Melodie Says:

    As regards to writing, one of my resolves is to be more patient. I tend to write quickly and then get impatient with the break my brain needs before I can read it to revise accurately. I'm also a very fast reader so I resolve to stop pestering my betas with questions about why it took them so long to finish my draft. Patience will be mine.
    NOW! *taps foot*

  7. @APandaForAmanda Says:

    I am doing the 50 book challenge. I will read and keep a record of at least 50 books in 2012! I am also posting a new photo on my dailybooth every day in 2012. I also plan to finish and edit my newest manuscript.

  8. Rebecca Enzor Says:

    I want to start querying 🙂 The book is ready, I'm ready, and now I just need to get the actual query ready!

  9. Krista V. Says:

    This isn't a New Year's resolution exactly – more like a Three Months Ago resolution – but I decided back in October that I wanted to start piecing together my family tree. I've already made some good progress, and I'm committed to keeping up with that over the course of this next year. I have a better idea of where I'm going because I'm figuring out where I came from. Doing family history research is almost addicting.

  10. Lauren Alissa Hunter Says:

    Resolutions are daunting to me, so I decided to just shoot for the moon. On my blog I resolved to:
    1. Be more like Snooki– a.k.a. PUBLISH
    2. Look more like Giselle– a.k.a. Stop Eating And Become Waif Goddess
    3. Become Dave Ramsey–a.k.a. Magically Pay Off My Student Loans That Are About The Same As My Annual Income
    4. Live Off The Land– just because I've recently listened to a dozen YA Dystopian audiobooks and am now convinced I need to learn to hunt, trap, employ celestial navigation and walk silently through forests.

    All joking aside though, if I were to resolve anything, it would be to not unlearn everything I've realized over the past two years of crazy living. And to never allow myself to become stagnant. Perhaps that sounds vague, but in my mind, it's incredibly clear.

  11. laurengibaldi Says:

    Writing wise, finish editing and eventually start querying. (Last year's was actually finish the novel, so hey! I stuck to a resolution!) Blog more, because I just enjoy it. And learn to knit. My grandmother was a fabulous knitter before she passed away. I want to continue her tradition of knitting hats and sweaters for the family.

  12. Paloma Says:

    Mine is to polish my MS and my query letter to start sending out and to start a new project. Also, to run at least once a week, the winter has made me super lazy!

  13. M.E. Anders Says:

    Reading also became a higher priority for me in 2012. I have settled into a rhythm during the day where I do one hour of writing, then one hour of reading, then 30 min. social media, then take a 30 min. break. Repeat process.

    Good luck with keeping your reading goals, Kate!