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Time for Some TRUTH!

thumb_Truth_New2I’m a day late, but I wanted to devote an entire day to celebrate the release of Julia Karr‘s second novel Truth, the sequel to XVI. And tonight is, after all, her official launch party in Bloomington, IN.

Julia’s colleague on the League of Extraordinary Writers and author of Ashfall, Mike Mullin writes:

Julia’s accomplished the nigh-impossible—writing a sequel that’s even better than her excellent debut. […] Julia achieves this feat by deepening and complicating Nina’s story. In XVI, sex is a threat that looms with Nina’s sixteenth birthday—when her dystopian society will literally brand her a sex-teen. In Truth, sex is something to be both feared and enjoyed, making Nina’s inner struggle more complex and relatable. Similarly, the world-building deepens in Truth—we learn how the Governing Council formed—and as a consequence the book feels even more plausible than XVI.

I couldn’t agree more!

If you can’t make it to Bloomington tonight, you can check out Julia’s virtual online launch, complete with question and answer session!

I look forward to hearing more good news about Truth soon!

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