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What Comes After: Marketing

42-17770171We talk a lot here on the blog about attracting an agent, but for the lucky writers who find representation, that’s only the beginning. There’s still the dating game of trying to match a manuscript with an editor, and even after a contract is signed, there’s the long road to publication. So I thought we could take a couple of days to talk about things that are part of an author’s job beyond writing the book or the query letter. Things like self-promotion and marketing.

So what is marketing? defines it as “A concerted effort of promotion and advertising by the publisher to maximize sales of books to the public and to distributors.” In other words, it’s a combination of paid and unpaid efforts, including publicity, that targets both the end audience (the reader) and the librarians and booksellers who help put the book in the reader’s hands.

Most publishers have several marketing departments or individuals responsible for different aspects of marketing: there’s the school and library market, for one, plus online marketing, and the general publicity department that you may be familiar with.

And then, of course, there’s the author’s part in all this, which is huge. More on that in a bit.

I’m hoping to get an expert in here to talk with you in more detail about marketing, but I wanted to start with a question that I think will prove illuminating. What are some examples of effective marketing that you’ve seen? Let’s keep it in the book realm, please. I’m thinking of thing like book trailers and free downloads, but let’s really get into specifics, shall we?

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