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Progress Report

nanowrimo_logoWell, we’re hours away from the end of November, and I’m curious — how did you do for NaNoWriMo, those of you that participated? Rexroth is upstairs working on his final wordcount as I type.

As for my NaMaReMo project, I have to admit I didn’t do so well. I’m still behind, but making progress forward.

And I think, if there is one to be had, that that’s the true lesson to take from NaNoWriMo: it’s great to set a goal for a month, but if you can do something in 30 days in a fervour, you can do it the rest of your life at another pace. I mean, yay for you if you finished a novel! But if you did it at the cost of your health, your family, your free time, your sanity — think what you could instead accomplish in three months, or four, or six.

I’m taking a lesson from November to learn to better prioritize my time. I’d often get a lot of reading done at lunch over a bowl of soup, or at night after Beau goes to sleep, but there’s lots of time during the day when I don’t need to check Twitter every minute a new tweet is announced. I can wait til there’s twenty new tweets, and spend the time instead getting through five queries. Each little kernel of time adds up.

What did you discover about yourself this month?

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