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An About My Query Call for Submissions!

Paper_Stack - croppedSome of the most popular posts on this blog have always been my “About My Query” posts, and I’m delighted at long last to open up again for submissions! Here’s how it works: Please email me at with your query, with the subject line “About My Query:[Your Book’s Title]”. I will take the first TEN queries only, and will respond to all of those with confirmation of receipt and a date that it will be posted. At any point before that time, if you change or revise your query, I ask that you email me back with your edited query, so that I can post the most up-to-date letter. Any queries received after the first ten, I’ll do my best to let you know you didn’t make the cut-off, and to try again in the future.

UPDATE: All done! I got everything I need for this round of queries, but will ask for more again soon. Stay tuned!

There’s more details on how my About My Query posts work here, but the important thing is that I’m not randomly taking queries from my inbox and posting them to be made fun of. The queries posted are for review by me, and by my readers. If you have comments to make on a post, please do so — the more conversation we can have, the more of these I’m likely to post!

Questions? Put ’em in the comments and I’ll answer them as they come in!

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