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Quick Query Update

I’ve been behind for so long, but as of 10:30 Mountain on Thursday, October 20th, I’ve read all queries through October 5th. Which is to say, I’m almost back within my promised two-week response timeline! Hooray!

If you sent a query prior to October 6th and haven’t heard back, give me one more day — I have 22 additional queries that deserved a second, closer look dated between September 12th and October 1st. I’ll be reading those tonight and tomorrow, and will respond shortly. check your spam mail folder, and if you still don’t see my response, please send a new email with a different subject line to resubmit.

My hope to get to get completely caught up this weekend on queries, although I’m also behind on partials and fulls, and do need to give some attention to those. Which is to say, if you were thinking of querying me, and can hold off for another few days, I would greatly appreciate it!


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