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Giant Giveaway Winners!

What You'll GetYou guys, my heart just about broke reading all your stories of libraries — and teens — in need of great books. I’m so glad I can help, even if it’s just with one box of books. And I’m so grateful to my friends and colleagues who are also helping. Without further ado — the winners!

Congratulations to Kate Baker, Annie Curtis, Agnes, Penelope Lolohea, Nicky Ball, Jamie Handling, Sandi Jones, Mary Brebner, and Trish. Please email me with your address and I’ll pair you with one of the fabulous donors who’ve come forward since I started this thing last week.

As for MY box of books (contents pictures above), I’m delighted to send them to Stephanie W. Stephanie commented:

I am a librarian in Louisiana and the head of Young Adult Services. In the past year, we won a Great Stories CLUB grant from ALA to start a reading program at our local detention center, Green Oaks. The program was extremely successful but after it ended, we no longer had the funding to continue the same program. We’ve made do and continued to visit but as a result of our work, their reading skills are improving and the school time incorporates free read. We were able to get low level readers but they need real books and a challenge. As another result, the board at the detention center has agreed to let us have a spare room and start their first library. I would love to have the books as a starter collection for these teens. I love them so much and they are wonderful kids who are desperate for someone to care. Thanks!

I love the idea of these books going to start a library. If I do nothing else good with my life, and my love of books, at least I’ve done this. Stephanie, please email me with your address so I can get these books out to you!

I wish I had enough books to send to every single one of you who commented and entered! If you happen to know of any other charities that pair donated books with people who need them, won’t you let us know in the comments? Someone mentioned ARCs Float On, which looks like a great matching system. Are there others?

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