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Turning the Tables

pale-faces.thumbnailIt’s a weird little quirk about agent blogs, I think, that they have a transitory readership. I mean, with a lot of blogs you find on the web, if you like what someone’s saying, you stick around and keep reading them. But agent blogs are different. I think many readers of them are seeking guidance along the process toward representation and, eventually, hopefully, publication. Once they get an agent of their own, I don’t imagine they stick around all too long on another agent’s blog, commenting and reading regular posts about the process they just completed.

But maybe I’m wrong!

So tell me a little bit about YOU, please. I’d love to know more about my readers. Are you a writer? Or just interested in the industry? Are you a fan of my clients? Are you represented, or seeking an agent? Are you published? What’s your favorite kind of shoes? Favorite book? Favorite genre? Favorite tv show?

And to make it super interesting, I will pick one random commenter to win a galley of The Name of The Star. Get to chatting!

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