Good news for BAD TASTE

September 21st, 2011 • Kate

thumb_BadTasteinBoysFINALAnother great review from School Library Journal, this one for Bad Taste in Boys by Carrie Harris! Although, I should warn you, it’s a little spoilery. In that it gives away the ending (for shame!). But if you’ve already read the book, or are the kind of person who flips to the end of the book to find out what happens and then goes back to the beginning to discover HOW and WHY, read on!

Kate Grable is a scientific genius who helps train the school’s football team. When she discovers suspicious vials in the coach’s office, she assumes that he is trying to improve the team’s performance with steroids. Then members of the team develop mysterious, violent symptoms–one of them even bites Kate–and she learns that the coach has been giving them injections of a zombie virus that spreads mainly through being bitten. She soon falls prey to the infected, which become extraordinarily violent, yet humorous, as fingers and feet start to fall off the victims as the disease runs its course. Being an epileptic, she soon discovers that the only cure for the virus is her own medicine. With the help of her longtime crush and goofy brother and his pseudo-sword, Kate manages to restore order. Teens will admire how Kate uses her brains to win the hearts of her male classmates. The plot moves along quickly, making readers feel as if they were watching an actual zombie movie. The short chapters are filled with light humor along with a silly, gory edge that will make readers laugh, rather than cringe.

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3 Responses to “Good news for BAD TASTE”

  1. Rebecca Enzor Says:

    Yay for Carrie! I love her book <3

  2. Mandy P. Says:

    Thanks for the spoiler warning! I haven't gotten around to reading this one yet and would have totally hated to have the end ruined.

  3. twittertales Says:

    I just gave you a versatile blogger award.

    Louise Curtis