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A Peek at the Query Inbox

GENREHello, readers! I feel like I know you all so much better after all your wonderful comments on Friday’s post. Let’s keep the conversation going, shall we? Today I want to show you a peek into my query inbox with a breakdown of genres and subgenres found within. This isn’t quite like a live blog, but it’s close! (I have to be out of the office for a meeting shortly, so we’ll get some done now, and more later this afternoon, so check back frequently!)

Let’s hit it!

1. MG Historical Sci-Fi
2. YA Paranormal (Angels)
3. YA Fantasy
4. YA Paranormal Thriller
5. YA Paranormal Dark Comedy

6. Adult MBS fiction (no, I don’t rep this)
7. YA Paranormal
8. YA Alt History (Paranormal)
9. “New Adult” literary novel
10. YA Historical literary fiction

11. Adult fiction (genre undefined)
12. YA fantasy
13. YA urban fantasy
14. YA Historical romance
15. YA fiction (genre undefined)

A couple of notes so far: “historical” is anything not set in the present day. So if you’re writing a YA romance set in the 70s or 80s, when you were a teen — that’s considered historical. Also, please don’t make agents guess what kind of a book your novel is. Granted, the two (so far) “genre undefined” novels on this list had a lot of other problems with the queries, but it should be among the first things you write in that letter to an agent — “I have written a [age range] [genre] novel”, i.e I have written a YA historical, middle grade mystery, adult romance. etc. You get the point. Moving on!

16. YA Dystopian
17. YA sports fiction
18. Adult sci-fi
19. MG literary novel
20. MG (but probably YA) “issue” novel

21. YA dystopian
22. YA dystopian
23. Adult fiction (genre undefined)
24. YA fantasy
25. MG Adventure

More later today! Please keep checking back, and let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

And we’re back!

26. YA contemporary/”New Adult”
27. YA Multicultural fantasy
28. YA MG fantasy
29. YA dystopian
30. YA contemporary

31. YA dystopian
32. Early Chapter Book (don’t represent)
33. MG fantasy (Werewolves)
34. YA urban fantasy
35. MG fantasy

36. Women’s fiction
37. YA urban fantasy
38. YA contemporary
39. YA contemporary romance
40. MG paranormal (Aliens)

41. MG magical realism
42. YA paranormal (Shape Shifting)
43. Adult fantasy
44. YA dystopian
45. YA paranormal

46. YA paranormal (Mermaids)
47. Women’s fiction
48. Adult paranormal
49. YA urban fantasy
50. Adult fantasy

Ok, I’m going to call it there, and get some other work done. But first, let’s do a little tallying, shall we? Out of 50 queries, 31 were for young adult, 9 for middle grade, and 9 for adult, with one early chapter book. 32 queries had some element of the extraordinary — by which I mean paranormal, fantasy, or sci fi of some kind. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many different kinds of paranormals in my mailbox, for once — not just vampires, etc. Although some of the paranormals without a notation next to them had multiple extraordinary creatures, least you think I was getting lonely for witches or dragons.

And on the up side, I moved 7 queries to my other inbox for a closer read — of those, I may request partials on two, at most. Still, a good day’s work!

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