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Which Comes First?

chicken192My friend @gooddirt shared an interesting article today discussing the age-old writer’s dilemma: which comes first when you’re writing, characters or plot? The post also shares five great tips on starting with either, and so I highly recommend giving it a read.

But it got me wondering — do you think writers of certain genres are more prone to one than the other? Do you think thriller authors start mostly with plot, and romance authors build up on characters? Or would you say that’s a stereotype?

And yet — when you think of thrillers, how often do you think of the characters? How often do you even REMEMBER who the characters are, from book to book? And in a romance novel, where the plot is right there in the genre description, if you don’t start from characters, aren’t you just writing the same story over and over again?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject! I look forward to a lively discussion in the comments.

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