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THE FAERIE RING is “exciting”!

Faerie-RingIt’s a great week for reviews! Kirkus also has posted their review of The Faerie Ring by Kiki Hamilton, and though it’s behind a subscription wall for now, here’s a sneak peak:

In 1871 London, a ragged girl pickpocket steals a ring that enforces a truce between the British Crown and the Faery world, setting off a struggle between the realms.

Tiki supports her adopted “family” of orphans by using her uncanny ability to steal. When she stumbles into Buckingham Palace, she finds a ring and takes it. However, she learns that the ring is enchanted, and that dangerous faeries want it. Helping her (or is he?), the handsome Rieker also roams the streets of London as a thief, and he claims to know much about the faeries. Tiki tries to ransom the ring and fend off two menacing faeries, but when one kidnaps her little charge Clara, she faces a life-or-death situation. And, just how close is Tiki herself to the faery world? […] The faeries convince readers of their magic and their danger, the humans of their individuality. The story keeps suspense high with one crisis after another, until it escalates into a final exciting showdown.

An entertaining magical-historical adventure.

Congrats to Kiki! There’ve also been scads of great online reviews from book bloggers — do check out Kiki’s site for the full rundown!

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