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Vacation Reading

woman-readingI still have a week or so of work to do (though I’ll once again remind you all that I’m closing to queries after Friday the 17th), and some more work reading to do, but after that, I’m really looking forward to diving into my TBR piles and making some serious dents. I have a dream of stacking some of my books in BabyUn’s room, and being able to get a ton of reading done during feedings and such. We’ll see!

But in any case, I thought I’d throw up a little pimp thread here for you guys to talk about the books that made you stand up and take notice this year. Feel free to mention kt literary clients, of course — I wouldn’t want you to forget those! — but I’m most interested in hearing about titles that I otherwise might not know about, or that, while I know about them, might not yet have made it to my hot little hands.

For instance, just this morning I read this review of The Iron Duke, and I immediately put it on reserve at the library to read. So — what other recommendations have you got for me? And what’s on YOUR holiday reading list?

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