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This Made Me Super Happy

thumb_AnnaFrenchKissLast night, I scrolled through my Twitter stream to find this awesomeness from John Green:

Just finished ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS, an engrossing and amazingly romantic novel by nerdfighter @naturallysteph SO GOOD

Followed by the EVEN MORE AWESOME comment from John to Maureen Johnson:

@maureenjohnson have you read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS? It’s like you and me and Sarah Dessen had a really sexy baby.

Stephanie Perkins and I are, as we speak, petitioning to have that put on the paperback edition of Anna.

As it happens, I’m seeing a ton of chatter about the book on Twitter — from other authors, editors, and agents. It’s today’s high tech digital form of word-of-mouth! I’m doing my part to contribute to it, of course, but I’m also curious about the flip side.

What books have you bought or otherwise picked up because you heard about them online? And not just one review, or tastemarker tweeting about it, but also those books that swarmed into your consciousness like angry bees. But with less stinging. Let the comments ring!

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