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PINK’s a “Must read”

thumb_Pink_FINALThis just in! Another great review of Pink by Lili Wilkinson, this time from Night Owl Reviews, which writes (in part):

PINK was an outstanding novel by Lili Wilkinson. It covered lots of different subjects, while most teen books only touch on one or two, such as sex, your identity, trying to fit in, and all the while staying true to your inner self. I really enjoyed this new novel. I loved reading as Ava found out about her true and inner self, and that is doesn’t matter what others think. This book is for all of those out there and in the middle.

Check out the whole thing!

It got me thinking about the way we hear about reviews in this business. In this case, we heard about the review from Lili’s editor, who got an email from the site itself with a link to the review. Sometimes, with trade publications like Kirkus, the magazine will send all of a publisher’s reviews for an upcoming issue to the publicity department, which will then distribute the reviews in-house, and then the editor or publicity contact will pass it along to the author (and hopefully, the agent, too!). With other publications, you know a book’s been reviewed when you see it in print — and depending on when you get your copy of Publishers Weekly or the New York Times, you may hear from someone else before you see it yourself.

Still, whatever way the news comes to us, it’s always great to get it. Yes, even bad reviews. I mean, we don’t prefer those, of course, but bad reviews can still sell books! And that’s what we’re here for, right?

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