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Ask Daphne! Rexroth requests a family tree

treeHere’s an OLD question from my draft file, but something that may be useful to you! Rexroth asks

You know what I want to see? I want to see the family tree of publishers. Who are the Grandparents (and what do they do), and who are their kids (and what do they do), and who are their grandchildren, and what do those children do?
I just feel like there’s so many imprints and stuff out there, and my impression is they’re all actually owned by, like, four main houses. I want someone to break those down for me.

Luckily, Publishers Marketplace has just the thing for you! Now, before you click on that link, I’ll warn you that it requires a subscription. Which, if you’re an aspiring author on the hunt for an agent, you very well may already know, and have one for yourself. Why? Well, Publishers Marketplace is a great resource for authors, with individual web pages for many great agents, plus links to recent sales, so you can see what those agents are selling, and to whom. I don’t normally recommend that authors part with their hard earned money when there’s a lot of great resources out there that are free, but if you have the spare $20 a month, I think it’s a great investment — just like joining SCBWI or RWA, or, if you qualify, SWFA.

So, if you do have a Publishers Marketplace subscription, that first link up above goes to a great listing of all the major publishers, broken down into their divisions, and then further subdivided into imprints. And for each imprint, you can see the last few deals reported. It’s a great resource!

Readers, what other sites do you find invaluable on your hunt for representation and publication?

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