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Ask Daphne! About that maternity leave…

baby-reading-readingAnd speaking about being closed to queries, I just got this Ask Daphne! question from Anne:

Do you have a specific date in March/April that you will be accepting queries again? I need to mark my calendar…I’m in the editing/tweaking phase and I’ve targeted you as the first agent I want to submit to. Though I won’t be finished by December 17th when you sign off, I will be ready and waiting for your return from maternity leave.

Has a declared date been set…or will it be a game-day decision next quarter?

Also, will you be continuing your Ask Daphne postings during this time? I hope so.

Anne, I’m afraid I’m going to play it by ear. I’m hoping to be opening back up to queries by April 1st, but that may change based on circumstances — it could be sooner, it could be later.

As for the blog, that’s also going to be taking a mini break — I’ll still be posting news and reviews about my clients, and other posts as I have time and opportunity, but I’m not likely to keep to a one-a-day schedule, much as I would like to. I’m hoping to post some classic oldies from the archives for my newer readers, as well as guest posts, so I hope you’ll keep coming back to check in. And if I get questions that beg an answer, I’ll do my best to post those too, though not on an every-Friday sort of set schedule or anything. And yes, I’m afraid the About My Query posts will be taking a hiatus along with me.

The good news? I just can’t quit Twitter. (Haven’t tried, really. Why would I?) If you’re not already following me there, please do. I can’t promise you won’t get tired of tweets about BabyUn, but I’ll do my best to keep up with publishing news and commentary there, even if the blog goes a little quiet.

Hope that helps with your scheduling, Anne!

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