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What’s On Your Holiday Wish List?

swoon_louboutin-1I come from a big Irish Catholic family, and except for me, they’re all back on the East Coast in the NY-NJ-CT tristate area. The holidays are still very much a big thing for us, and as each year passes and there’s even more people to think about (what with weddings and more kids coming into the world), we depend even more on each other’s wish lists for Christmas presents. Sure, we could just buy stuff we like or think the person we’re buying for will like, but we’ve got this gift-giving thing down to a science, and science requires precision. (It also requires an Excel spreadsheet to track who buys for whom, and makes sure we don’t repeat more than once every 8 years. Like I said, science!)

So, we’re all about asking each other what we want, and for the kids, what they would like. Now, sure, this year I’m also thinking about the forthcoming BabyUn, and would be happy with presents for him, but I still like stuff for me! And I have a range of munchkins to buy for, too: from my nephew at age 11 to my little niece at 2 1/2, there’s six kids to buy for, plus Trixie.

So I’m turning to the internet for help, and gift ideas. What are some of your favorite gifts to give for kids, and what’s on your personal wish list? I’ll admit, I read Gayle Forman’s list of the best YA books she read this year (including Anna and The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins!), and put a few more titles on my To Be Acquired And Read pile. What books are you yearning for? And what other shinies? (Like these Louboutins, even if I have no where to wear them!)

Let the comments ring!

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