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Ask Daphne’s Readers! About the Name

notfuglyshoesGot a bit of a turnabout for you today — instead of answering one of your questions, I have one for you. Can any of you explain why the name on the email address you use to send a query would be completely different than the one you use to sign your letter?

I’m not talking about getting an email from “The Wilsons” with a query letter signed from “Mary Smith Wilson.” I do understand maiden names (says the person still sometimes going by Kate Schafer Testerman) — although I’ve said before that if you’re going to send out emails as a professional writer (or someone with hopes to be one), you should have your own email address.

No, what I’m talking about is an email from “Mary Smith” with a letter signed by “Sue Jones.”

Are you using someone else’s email address? Is someone else sending out your queries for you?

Or are you thinking you want to use a pseudonym, and you’re starting early? You all know why that’s a silly idea, right? If you want to use a name different from your own for your books, that’s fine, but your agent needs to know your real name. That’s the one the contracts will be drafted in, and the one the checks will be made out to.

The only other possibility would seem to be that you’re just not tech-savvy enough to change the name that’s associated with your email address. And that’s not likely, right? You all use the internet regularly, you can figure that out, right?


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