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Ask Daphne! About My Query LXXVIII

midnightaspirationsanthropologieHappy Friday, all! Welcome to another editor of About My Query. Today, I’m going to ask my readers to do the heavy lifting. I have some thoughts on this query, which I’ll share next week, but for now, I want to know what YOU think. Go to town!

Dear Super Agent,

When Lily Bryant goes for a walk after work one evening, she encounters a dragon named Skade, and her life is forever changed.

Her meeting with Skade awakens within Lily her innate magical gift, unconsciously suppressed since childhood. After speaking with Skade, Lily is both exhilarated and nervous, struggling to come to terms with the existence of. She meets Patrick Murray, who recognises her for what she is. He is a sorcerer too, with a particular talent for creating illusions. Though he is defensive about his mysterious past, Patrick and Lily quickly grow close. As Lily learns to use her magical gifts, her romance with Patrick blossoms, and she finds an unlikely mentor in Skade. The promise of happiness is shattered when they meet Xander, an ambitious sorcerer with relationship issues, whose deadly goals to conquer dragons will prove to be a danger to them all.

Lily finds that, though dragons are sophisticated and unexpectedly modern, their ancient power is unable to keep their vulnerabilities at bay when dealing with the vagaries of the human-dominated world. A venerable dragon, with a surprisingly peaceful attitude, attempts to avert aggression using Xander’s complicated ex-girlfriend. But as the day of reckoning draws closer, violence seems inevitable, and everyone’s loyalties are tested.

The Lightning Path, intended for young adults, is a contemporary fantasy story with a strong thread of romance. It is complete at 98,300 words. Set in a fictional small town against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, The Lightning Path is a stand alone novel with series potential. I hope it will appeal to you as someone who represents young adult fiction, urban fantasy and romance.

In 2004, my short story was a winning submission for the Grant MacEwan Young Writer’s Scholarship. I am a volunteer writer for an online entertainment magazine called Press+1. I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies.

Following your submission guidelines, I have included the first three pages in the body of the email. Thank you for considering The Lightning Path.

Best regards,

As always, please be constructive in your criticism. I look forward to reading your thoughts. (Not like a mind reader. Just the ones you put in writing in the comments section.)

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