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ANNA’s in Booklist!

thumb_AnnaFrenchKissAnother round of praise for Stephanie Perkins and her debut novel Anna and the French Kiss, as Booklist chimes in with their review:

Anna is not happy about spending senior year at a Paris boarding school, away from her Atlanta home, best friend Bridgette, and crush Toph. Adapting isn’t easy, but soon she finds friends and starts enjoying French life, especially its many cinemas; she is an aspiring film critic. Complications arise, though, when she develops feelings for cute—and taken—classmate Etienne, even though she remains interested in Toph. Her return home for the holidays brings both surprises, betrayals, unexpected support, and a new perspective on what matters in life—and love. Featuring vivid descriptions of Parisian culture and places, and a cast of diverse, multifaceted characters, including adults, this lively title incorporates plenty of issues that will resonate with teens, from mean girls to the quest for confidence and the complexities of relationships in all their forms. Despite its length and predictable crossed-signal plot twists, Perkins’ debut, narrated in Anna’s likable, introspective voice, is an absorbing and enjoyable read that highlights how home can refer to someone, not just somewhere.

I love their mention of the holidays, which is one of the reasons I’m so glad this book is coming out next month — it feels like a Christmas present! There’s also a great scene set on Thanksgiving, which brings us to today’s question. What are your Turkey Day plans? And just as important, what are your post-Turkey Day plans?

I always strive to do my best to avoid anything resembling a store on Black Friday, so I’m going to be knuckling down with my Kindle. You?

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