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thumb_LastGoodPlaceMore reviews are starting to come in for Sara Beitia‘s The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon, and I’m delighted to share! From the Boise Weekly, where Sara was an arts editor, a look into why Sara wrote the book in the first place:

Jokingly agreeing that she writes young adult fiction because she herself is emotionally stunted, Beitia’s actual reason for writing in this genre is much more astute.

“It’s hard to explain, but teenagers to me are in such an interesting and hopeful and highly emotional period of life.” Beitia says. “Everything is so important and it has so much meaning and the feelings are so strong and overwhelming. They haven’t been beat down by life. It’s a very hopeful state of being. The whole world is in front of them, they’re right on the cusp of being good, bad and indifferent. I found that really compelling.”

I have to say, that’s practically the exact reason I choose to represent YA books myself.

And from the Kitsap Sun, in a column on the books, authors, and publishers of the Pacific Northwest:

Beitia tells this story in three strands — what happens just before Lily disappears, in the immediate aftermath, and during a journey Albert undertakes (in uneasy partnership with Lily’s resentful younger sister) to find the missing troubled teen. The story lines weave together and gradually tighten, producing a snarled web of clues and half-truths in which appearances are not what they seem and the tables are turned on one vital issue — who among the adults can be trusted?

Beitia, a reporter/editor for an alternative weekly in Boise, has produced an addictive read. Her three teen principals come alive on the page as they try, with urgent energy but limited skills, to navigate their way through a devastating set of revelations in a world not of their choosing.

This portrayal of alienated youth feels heartbreakingly true.

Have you bought your copy yet?

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