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Query Update

pile_of_mail.jpgJust a quick post tonight to let you know I’m doing my best to get through a serious backlog of queries. Unfortunately, I’m off my preferred two-week turnaround time by, oh, 2 and a half weeks. I’m just about through everything sent September 16th or earlier, but if by some chance you sent something before then and didn’t get a response, I’d be thrilled if you waited a few weeks before resubmitting (after checking your spam filters and making sure you didn’t include any attachments, of course).

I’m contemplating de-personalizing my responses, just until I get caught up. My usual email reply when I’m passing on a query includes the author’s name and the manuscript’s title — I don’t know if leaving those out (and just addressing my reply to “Dear Author”, re: your manuscript) will save a LOT of time, but it will save some. If you were waiting to hear from me, would you rather get an unpersonalized response sooner, or a personalized email after a slightly longer wait?

I know I also owe you guys a new status report for the third quarter of the year, and I’m hoping Intern Jenny and I will have the time to crunch those numbers this week. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the last week or so reorganizing my files, to make it easier to put my hand on my clients’ contracts when I need to, laying the groundwork for early next year when I expect my time will be slightly more frantic, what with Baby Un’s impending arrival.

So that’s the latest! What’s new with you? Oh, and just to make it interesting… what are you going to be for Halloween?

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