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Another day, Another LAST GOOD PLACE review!

thumb_LastGoodPlaceThis one from Publishers Weekly, which says (in part):

When his girlfriend, Lily, disappears in the middle of the night while he is asleep in her bed, 17-year-old Albert has no idea where she’s gone or that he will soon become suspected of abducting her. Debut novelist Beitia’s story unfolds in three time lines–one that describes past moments in Lily and Albert’s relationship; another that unfolds in the hours and days after her disappearance; and a third, in which Albert and Lily’s sister, Olivia, are on the lam looking for Lily. Their search is spurred by a mysterious postcard Albert receives from Lily right after she flees, which says that she is waiting for him in “The Last Good Place.” Each time line fleshes out minute details, plunging readers deep into Albert’s experience; the interlacing of the three creates real tension.

If you’ve read the book yet, I’m very curious to know what you think! What would be your one or two line blurb for it?

I’d also love to know what your “Last Good Place” might be. Without giving too much away, in the book we learn it’s somewhere Lily always felt safe and happy — where’s that for you?

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