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World, Get Ready to Meet Travis

Champagne1I’m so So SO excited and pleased to share this news for kt literary client Trish Doller:

Trish Doller’s THE NEW NORMAL, about a young Marine home from Afghanistan, dealing with PTSD and trying to find his place in a life that no longer fits, to Michelle Nagler at Bloomsbury, at auction, in a nice deal, by Kate Schafer Testerman at kt literary (World English).

Some of you may recall Trish’s guest blog from my earlier vacation this year where she talked about having that first deal for your debut novel get cancelled, and the pressure that can place on an author for the next book. Well, I will admit now that I, too, felt a little of that pressure, which is why it was so gratifying, as an agent and as a huge fan of Trish’s, to not only have strong interest in THE NEW NORMAL from several editors, but ultimately, to close the deal after an auction.

This is when being an agent feels AMAZING.

I can’t wait until the whole world meets Travis, the incredible hero of THE NEW NORMAL. You’re going to fall in love.

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