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The Brilliant MJ Strikes Again

thumb_MaureenJohnsonBrilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT post by Maureen Johnson that you must read, if you haven’t already. And when you’ve done that, dive into the amazing comments for even more conversation about this topic. Truly worth your time. A taste:

So, we’re thinking about boys and girls and what they read. The assumption, as I understand it, is that females are flexible and accepting creatures who can read absolutely anything. We’re like acrobats. We can tie our legs over our heads. Bring it on. There is nothing we cannot handle. Boys, on the other hand, are much more delicately balanced. To ask them to read “girl” stories (whatever those might be) will cause the whole venture to fall apart. They are finely tuned, like Formula One cars, which require preheated fluids and warmed tires in order to operate—as opposed to girls, who are like pickup trucks or big, family-style SUVs. We can go anywhere, through anything, on any old literary fuel you put in us.

Largely because we have little choice in the matter.

Do read the whole thing, please.

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