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Making the Big Decisions

decisionSo Rexroth and I are currently debating a possibly huge decision — whether to make some renovations on Casa Implausible/Unfeasible, or find a new home for the growing ImUn clan. And I got to thinking how it compares to the big decisions an author might make in their writing career. Just last week, in fact, a soon-to-be-revealed client and I debated the pros and cons of two offers on her novel, and had to choose one of them over the other.

So how do you weigh that kind of a decision? Make a list of pros and cons? Get lots of advice from other people who’ve been in similar situations, or may know the people involved?

Yes, to all of it. There’s lots of hard facts to consider, but I think you also need to have a gut feeling about things. You and your agent may discuss pros and cons of various different publishers and editors, but most times, I’ve found, you also need to have a feeling.

That might be where we are in terms of maybe possibly having found a new house we like. (You like all those caveats? Maybe possibly?) It’s not perfect — I don’t know if “perfect” exists in real estate — I mean, I guess it does, but perhaps not on our budget — but it’s something we think we can see ourselves in for the long term.

Your deal with a publisher, with an editor, should feel like that. Even if it is a one-book contract, the ultimate goal is a long-term relationship that’s beneficial to both sides.

Those of you who’ve been lucky enough to be a part of that kind of debate — either in real estate or publishing terms — how did you make your final decision? Was there a single deciding factor?

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