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Ask Daphne! About My Query LXX

sandyflipflopsGuys, I’m going to ask you to do the first part of the work on this query, too, in my continued attempt (as evidenced by all the great guest posts this week) to get others to do my work for me. When I’m back in the office next week, I’ll add my thoughts. For now, it’s up to you. Are you up for the challenge? Of course you are! You’re AWESOME!

Dear Daphne Unfeasible:

Rachel Goode has found her soulmate; it’s just too bad he has two souls.

After her father’s death, sixteen-year-old Rachel is sent with her brother to live at the boarding school where their uncle is Headmaster. It’s a place where dark figures watch her around campus and personal items appear and disappear in unexplained ways. She immediately falls for her brother’s roommate, a mysterious boy with a secret connection to Rachel’s family and a world where she has been chosen for a purpose larger than her tragic circumstances reveal.

Talan confesses not only to a growing love for Rachel, but that he is possessed by a keeper, a spirit with a mission to guard her for a supernatural purpose. When keeping her safe requires that Talan deny his feelings for her, Rachel must decide if she should convince Talan to renounce his life’s purpose, or come to terms with her own.

I am seeking representation for my first novel, a 93,000 word YA paranormal romance titled Secret Keeper. You’ve indicated in several interviews that you are actively seeking paranormal romances involving a “mermaid/selkie/angel/or some other not overused magical creature.” I would be happy to send sample pages at your request.

Thank you for your time.


I’ll see YOU in the comments.

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