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Ask Daphne! About My Query LXVII

steampunk_shoesGot a special treat for you guys this week! Well, two, actually. First of all, I’m opening up to new About My Query posts to take me into the fall, so if you’d like to submit your query for posting and review on this site, please email it to me at daphne.unfeasible@gmail.com with the subject line “About My Query” and your book’s title. If you’re confused about how the AMQ posts work, I invite you to check out the archives. Update: And we’re closed again. Thanks for those who’ve already submitted!

And so onto the second cool thing! This week, I wanted to share with you a query that worked, by new client Erin Danehy. Following is the exact email she sent me earlier this year.

Dear Ms. Testerman,

I am seeking representation for BOUND BETWEEN, my young adult fantasy novel with a steampunk/urban twist, complete at 94,000 words.

Naeva’s sorcery tends to break things. This affinity is supposed to be useful, but in school it meant she couldn’t sit near the heating
machines or use the lifts. Now that she’s finished school, Naeva goes out of her way to avoid sorcery society. But when her younger brother becomes indebted to Cassiel Vanden, a man who is both sorcerer and shifter — an anomaly — she agrees to pay the debt in her brother’s place. The price? Naeva must remove the binding that keeps Cassiel trapped halfway between his human and canine forms.

Then Naeva’s affinity “breaks” Cassiel’s binding, shifting him human as long as she touches him. But she can’t touch him all the time, for a variety of reasons. Instead of bringing Naeva closer to a solution, this effect of her sorcery raises new problems and drags her into the middle of a decade-old feud between the sorceress who bound Cassiel and Naeva’s family. To bring order back to her life — and Cassiel’s — Naeva must embrace her sorcery and uncover the truths about the past that threaten her future.

Set against the backdrop of a diverse, multi-tiered city with elements of steampunk, adventure, and romance, BOUND BETWEEN is a stand-alone novel with series potential. I’ve been following your blog and Twitter feed for some time and believe we share a similar sense of boundless optimism. I believe BOUND BETWEEN would find a wonderful home with you.

Below I’ve included the first three pages of the manuscript. I’d be happy to provide a larger portion or the full manuscript upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Erin Danehy

So what do you think? Would it have worked for you, if you were playing agent? And any editor friends reading this — we’re submitting after Labor Day! Let me know if you’re interested in taking a look!

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