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Quarterly Status Report

numbersGetting closer to caught up on my queries, and I wanted to give you guys the most recent quarterly status report. From April 1st to June 31st, I received about 1,560 queries. That’s an increase of roughly 20% from the first quarter of 2010, when I received 1,297 queries. From that number, I asked for partials on 16 manuscripts, and passed on all of them.

Now, I’ll admit those aren’t the most encouraging of numbers at first glance, unless you consider them this way — after not asking for any fulls for three whole months, don’t you think I’m eager to find something truly great? Maybe your manuscript will be it!

Also, I’m giving you guys a very early warning. I’m going to be closed to queries next year from January through March, at least. With the impending arrival of the newest little intern here at kt literary and the Unfeasible/Implausible household, I want to devote the time I will have to work to my current clients only, and won’t be looking at new material. So if you’re working on something now and had given yourself a deadline of the end of the year to polish it for submissions, consider either pushing your deadline up a bit (if you want to send it to me), or be willing to wait until April 2011 or so.

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