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In which I am Sporty

InvescoI felt very sporty today, as I went with my sister and her kids (as well as Trixie Implausible) to tour Invesco Field this afternoon, then to a Rockies game at Coors Field this evening with Rexroth joining us. And I had a great time, despite how often I might otherwise say I’m not really into sports. But then I recalled my post from February of this year, when I enthused about Olympic sports I didn’t know I cared about, or remember just how nervous I got watching some of the World Cup games. And you know? I have to remind myself that yeah, I DO care, but on a more immediate level than just supporting a team. I care about the game I’m watching NOW, not that team in the off season.

I’m still looking for that pro athlete book to represent, but I want to talk about more than just wish lists. Tell me about some of YOUR favorite novels — either YA or MG — that feature sports. For instance, I love Love LOVE Catherine Murdock‘s Dairy Queen series. And I can’t forget to mention Maureen Johnson‘s The Key to the Golden Firebird.

What about you? What sports books get you cheering?

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