Getting the Call

July 28th, 2010 • Kate

nytbestsellerThere’s a call that sometimes comes in to an agent and an author on Wednesday afternoons. To those who are already agented, it is, in all senses of the phrase, “The Call.” I’ve given it away with the image at the left, but yes, I’m talking about The New York Times bestseller list. I’m thrilled to share that Tom Sniegoski‘s The Fallen makes two appearances on the upcoming August 8th list — The Fallen bind-up #1 at the #9 position on the children’s paperback list, and the newly-released The Fallen #2 coming in strong at #7! Both, I’m certain, with thanks to Tom’s massive signing frenzy at Comic-Con last weekend!

It must also be said: those covers? Humina, humina!
Congrats to Tom and Simon Pulse!!

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8 Responses to “Getting the Call”

  1. Sara Says:

    Congrats to all!

  2. Carrie Harris Says:

    WOOT! Doing the happy dance! And, uh, drooling.

  3. Little Willow Says:

    I'm so happy for Tom that I can't stand it. I've been recommending these books (and running the website for this series) since it first came out, and watched the story evolve through the first printing, then out-of-print, then the TV movies, and now the re-release…and now BESTSELLERS! YAY!

  4. Karen Says:

    Congrats to Tom and to you Kate! Now that's the kind of call you want to get! First I have to get the call from an agent-lol.

  5. Suzanne Casamento Says:

    Great news! Congratulations on the call!

  6. Rissa Watkins Says:

    Hmmm? I'm sorry did you say something? Yowsa! Those covers are quite distracting.

    Congrats to you and Tom for getting the call.

  7. Jess Says:


    Those are some seriously market-friendly covers. (Do you like how I put that?)

  8. Stephanie Perkins Says:

    I'm late to the party, but HUUUUUUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you both! HUZZAH!!