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So What Inspires You?

Inspiration_PointNow that we’ve looked at photographs as inspiration, and read each other’s pieces to see the depth of inspiration that can be found in a single image, I’d like to talk about other kinds of inspiration. Basically: what inspires you?

I find this kind of question is a little like asking an author where they get their ideas. You may get a really cool story about how a book they read when they were 15 compelled them to learn more about the myths and theories of Atlantis, which lead to an interest in scuba diving, which lead to their YA novel about mermaids… or you could get a groan, a sigh, or a punch in the face. Hopefully not the later, but you never know. Authors can be violent about this question.

Anyway, what I’m asking here isn’t the more mania-inducing “where do you get your ideas?”, but the more general “what inspires you?”.

It might be the same answer for you, in which case I’ll ask that you refrain from any violence. But maybe you have a different story to share, about a book you read that lit a spark in you, or a store window display that begged to be stared at for hours, or a conversation with a kid that had you wanting to know all the answers to their questions, even if you had to make them up.

What is it for you? Where do you find your inspiration?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments!

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